PDX Monthly has named Dr David Westerdahl one of Portland’s Top Sports Medicine Doctors for 2024. He is the only Doctor in that group recognized by his peers who is not part of a large medical group.

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Covid Testing Center In Portland


Rapid Covid-19 Testing
Test Results in 30 minutes or less!

Covid Testing Center In Portland

Schedule a virtual visit at home, then drive up and stay in your car during the test

We now offer
Rapid PCR Testing !

Covid-19 VACCINES available NOW for eligible Patients

Covid-19 Vaccines Available Now for Eligible Patients

Check to see if you are Eligible for the Vaccine below




COVID-19 Guidelines for Everyone

Reduce your risk of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and avoid infecting others:

COVID-19 symptoms to look for:

  • Cough.
  • Fatigue
  • Cold or Flu like symptoms
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • A fever greater or equal to 100 degrees F.
  • If you do develop symptoms, contact your healthcare provider.

During your illness:

Drink plenty of fluids

  • Clear liquids like water, clear broth, herbal tea, or warm lemon water are good choices.
  • Warm liquids help soothe your sore throat.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as these can dehydrate you.

Take your medications as directed by your provider

  • If you are taking other medicines, check with your pharmacist. They have a complete list of the medicines you are taking and can make sure that nothing will interact.
  • An over-the-counter cough medicine may temporarily help quiet your cough.

Practice self-care

  • Over-the-counter sore throat lozenges or spray may help numb a sore throat.
  • Sore throats can be soothed without medication by gargling with saltwater.
  • Fever or body aches can be treated with Tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen. Follow the directions on the package.

Limit contact with others

  • Stay at home
  • Don’t use public transportation (no airplanes, ships, buses, trams, or trains).
  • Avoid having people, including friends, family, or coworkers over to your home.
  • Avoid public places 
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand gel (both are effective).
  • Cover your cough and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow. Place the used tissue in the trash.
  • Do not share personal household items like cups, glasses, eating utensils, and toothbrushes.

Returning to school or work

  • If you are a person with severe immunocompromise or have had a severe case of COVID-19, please contact your primary care provider or medical home for further guidance.
  • If you need an updated work or school note, please contact your primary care provider.

Pediatric Information

Medication information: 

  • For children, the goal of giving a medication should be to help reduce fever and relieve symptoms.
  • Using the proper dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen is reasonable and safe.
  • Please talk to your Pediatrician about the correct dose before using any medication.
  • Overall, we want your child to feel comfortable, drink enough liquids, keep up their activity level and when there are signs of serious illness call your physician’s office.

Immediate Care or Emergency Department visits during the Covid-19 pandemic are intended to screen for moderate to severe illness.

If your symptoms get worse, please call your primary healthcare provider’s office, if this is not an option, you are always welcome to go to the Immediate Care or Emergency Dept for evaluation


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