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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Ankle Injury Doctor

Ankle injuries

Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries. Just one step off an uneven surface, an unexpected slip, or a step too close to the curb, and you can become one of the 25,000 people who sprain their ankle every day in the U.S. 

To heal as quickly as possible, you need to see an ankle injury doctor when you hurt your ankle. Consider these five factors.

1. Location

If you injure your ankle, you’ve compromised your stability and mobility. Look for a local sports medicine doctor to help you recover and get back to normal activity again.

You will need to find an experienced specialist you can see quickly. A sports injury specialist can help accurately diagnose your ankle injury and differentiate between an ankle injury that will heal without surgery from one that needs surgery. Additionally, look for a physician with friendly and knowledgeable staff near you. Consider the location and accessibility of both the office and surgery center as well.

Though most ankle sprains and other injuries do not require surgery, Ask specifically about where surgeries take place when you’re looking at an ankle surgical specialist. Some specialists will use an outpatient surgery center while others will take place at a hospital.

2. Reviews

References and reviews help you see a physician’s work from a patient’s perspective. An individual can easily complete a rating and survey after they’ve worked with a given physician. These ratings can provide you opinions of the service you will receive before you walk through a doctor’s doors.

With that said, recognize that anyone can fill out an online review. If an individual is unhappy with a doctor for an unrelated medical reason, he/she can take out their frustration on the doctor online.

A referral, though, is a much better way to ensure that a doctor is qualified. When a trusted friend or family member tells you a doctor is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and a great ankle specialist, you can believe them.

3. Specialty 

Look at the credentials, education, and training of the physician you’re considering along with his or her board certification(s). Research the difference between an ankle orthopedic surgeon, a sports medicine physician, and a podiatrist. Talk to your regular doctor as well to know if the ankle specialist you’re considering has the necessary training and experience. Ankle specialists are experts in healing ankle injuries. They have the training specifically for that part of your body.

4. Experience

You have a myriad of options for doctors when you’re looking for an ankle specialist. The best sports medicine specialist will understand the best ankle injury treatment because they’ve seen many different types of ankle injuries dozens if not hundreds of times.

Furthermore, an ankle injury treated by a fellowship-trained doctor means you have a specialist with an extra year of training and experience. This individual trained under another skilled surgeon and focused on just ankles for that entire year.

Look for an ankle specialist willing to discuss cutting-edge approaches, devices, and technologies as well. You want someone willing to understand the best approaches to your ankle problems.

5. Insurance Coverage

Because foot/ankle injuries can take time to heal and impair your ability to stand, walk, and drive, it is important to see a medical specialist who will work to help you fully recover as fast as possible. Prolonged time out of work or unable to drive has real consequences. It is important to see an ankle specialist who will listen empathically and help you navigate the personal and professional challenges your ankle injury creates while its healing.

Look for a Local Ankle Injury Doctor

If you’re near 12672 Northwest Barnes Road, Suite 100 in Portland, Oregon, you’re close to one of the best ankle injury sports doctors in the area, Dr. David Westerdahl.

So, Contact us today for all your rehabilitation needs.

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