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Hip Contusion


hip contusion

A hip pointer or contusion sometimes occurs when the superficial bony part of the upper, outer pelvis takes a direct blow from an object like a football helmet. This type of a bone bruise can be very painful requiring rest until it heals.

· Hip contusion

o The hip joint is made up of several bones. Some of these bones have superficial areas just beneath the skin. At times a fall off a bike or direct trauma such as a direct blow to the hip from an object like a football helmet can cause a contusion (bruise). A hip contusion is sometimes also referred to as a hip pointer.

o While these injuries commonly improve with rest and time, this type of injury is known to be very painful and requires rest until it heals. Sometimes a hematoma can form in the area of a hip contusion. A hematoma is a collection of blood. Sometimes these hematomas can be large and painful. 

o If you have experienced a sports related hip injury or hip pain from a fall, it is important to be evaluated by a sports injury specialist for a comprehensive evaluation. In addition to a complete exam, additional imaging such as x-rays or other imaging like ultrasound may be indicated.

o At Sports Health Northwest, we want to help our Portland area patients recover after a hip contusion injury and get back to being active.

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