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The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles and tendons. These help the ball and socket joint of the shoulder function to effectively move and position the hand for activity like sports and work-related tasks. The shoulder is an incredibly complex joint and the rotator cuff can be at risk for inflammation and injury. We want to help identify and treat the cause of your shoulder pain.

  • Shoulder Tendonitis/tendinopathy

o Both in the primary care office and sports medicine clinic, shoulder pain is a common problem. While the term “tendonitis” has been commonly used to describe painful tendon injuries, the term “tendinopathy” is likely a better term for chronic tendon problems

o Repetitive overhead activity with sport or work is a known risk factor for this problem. Other risk factors for shoulder tendinopathy include weak shoulder muscles and medical conditions like diabetes and hyperlipidemia. 

o If you suspect you have shoulder pain due to tendonitis/tendinopathy, it is important to see a sports medicine specialist who can help distinguish this from other problems affecting the shoulder and cervical spine. 

o At Sports Health Northwest, our Portland area patients can count on a thorough history, physical exam, and appropriate imaging to accurately diagnose the cause of shoulder pain and provide treatment options designed to improve pain, function, and quality of life

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