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Sprains And Strains


Sprains And Strains

Hand and wrist injuries are common in sports, as well as, many other activities. The many joints and tendons of the hand and wrist can be vulnerable to sprain/strain type injuries. Sometimes these result in a lot of swelling, stiffness, and even bruising. Commonly, an x-ray and/or ultrasound can help determine if a ligament or tendon has been injured. Please call our office if you would like to be evaluated for a hand or wrist injury.

Sprains and strains

Due to many moving parts and constant use, hand and wrist injuries are common in sports, as well as, many other work and recreational activities. Individuals commonly present to a sports medicine clinic for hand and wrist pain.

With its many bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons, the hand and wrist form a complex joint structure that works wonderfully together. It is, however, vulnerable to injury from falls and overuse. 

Acute conditions which are typically present for less than two weeks usually arise from trauma or overuse. The history and examination are very important as a detailed history alone can lead a sports medicine specialist to a diagnosis of the problem in most patients. Sometimes it is important for a sports medicine doctor to consider how sports like golf, tennis, or baseball may play a role in the wrist injury. 

Since the hand and wrist are complex joints, evaluation can be difficult. Many different problems can contribute to pain. Seeing a sports injury specialist or hand specialist is important for determining the cause. By taking a thorough history, carefully evaluating the location of pain, and utilizing imaging studies like x-rays and ultrasound a sports doctor can frequently determine the etiology of the pain. At Sports Health Northwest, we commonly utilize musculoskeletal ultrasound to evaluate soft tissue such as tendons, ligaments, and nerves. We specialize in non surgical and minimally invasive procedural options for hand and wrist injuries.  


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