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Whether its typing, texting, or other daily work activity, our hands get used and abused day after day. Sometimes overuse injuries result. If you are experiencing hand or wrist pain with certain activities, let Sports Health Northwest help you with figuring out the cause and working towards a solution allowing less pain and more enjoyment of work and life.

· Hand and wrist tendinopathy

o There are many tendons that course through the wrist and hands that help provide controlled movement and function in gripping and lifting objects. In adults, de Quervain tendinopathy is a common cause of wrist pain. It typically affects women between the ages of 30 and 50. While this condition has been attributed to work or other repetitive activities involving the thumb, we don’t fully understand its etiology. 

o Individuals with de Quervain tendinopathy commonly describe pain at the base of the thumb and wrist area and may notice swelling. A sports medicine doctor or hand surgeon can commonly diagnose this problem based on symptoms. X-rays are usually normal. At Sports Health Northwest, our sports injury doctor commonly utilizes ultrasound to look for thickening of the involved tendons or surrounding tissue. 

o Treatment of tendinopathies of the hand and wrist like de Quervain tendinopathy is usually nonoperative involving splinting, medication, therapy, and sometimes an injection can help our Portland area patients experience less pain and more enjoyment of work, sports, and life.

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