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Frozen Shoulder


Frozen Shoulder

This condition can happen to anyone, and we know there are some individuals at higher risk for a frozen shoulder like those with diabetes. The name, frozen shoulder, comes from the sensation that the shoulder is losing motion and freezing or stiffening up. Physicians refer to this problem as adhesive capsulitis because the pain and stiffness arise from inflammation of the shoulder capsule. The capsule lines the joint and has a lot of nerve endings. If the capsule becomes inflamed, the nerves in the capsule send pain signals with shoulder use resulting in a desire to not move the shoulder. At Sports Health Northwest, we want to team up with you to help you treat this condition.

Adhesive capsulitis

This common condition is also known as a frozen shoulder where affected individuals have pain and limitations with shoulder movement. It is more common in middle age and affects women more frequently than men. 

Certain medical conditions like diabetes and thyroid disease have also been associated with adhesive capsulitis. 

While we do not fully understand how this condition occurs, it is believed that inflammation around the shoulder joint leads to adhesions and scarring of the joint lining. This causes pain and loss of motion initially that slowly improves resulting in a “thawing out” and gradual return of shoulder motion that can sometimes take months to years to complete

At Sports Health Northwest in Portland, our sports medicine doctor specializes in treating adhesive capsulitis non surgically. After performing a careful history and exam of your shoulder, and obtaining appropriate imaging, we can offer targeted treatments designed to help improve pain and motion and restore function.

Treatments such as physical therapy, medication, and sometimes an ultrasound guided injection by a trained sports medicine specialist can provide effective relief from pain and suffering and greatly improve quality of life.

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