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David N Westerdahl, MD -  - Sports Medicine Physician

Sports Health Northwest, Inc

David N Westerdahl, MD

Sports Medicine Physician & Non-Operative Orthopaedic Specialist located in Portland, OR

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a form of orthobiologic treatment that may potentially accelerate the healing of your sports injury. At Sports Health Northwest, Inc, located in The Graham Clinic in Portland, Oregon, David Westerdahl, MD, provides PRP injections to help you get back to your active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible. Call the office or schedule an appointment through the online booking tool today.


What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a blood product with a high concentration of platelets. 

Though platelets are best known for binding together to stop cuts from bleeding, they also contain growth factors and stem cell markers that initiate your body’s healing process. These specialized cells can reduce pain, support tissue repair and regeneration. 

PRP contains a higher concentration of these healing properties than blood alone. When injected into your diseased or damaged tissue, the healing properties of PRP has the potential to stimulate and accelerate your body’s repair process to reduce pain and restore function.

The PRP Dr. Westerdahl uses for treatment is made from a sample of your own blood. 

Am I a candidate for PRP?

Dr. Westerdahl determines if you’re a candidate for PRP after a comprehensive evaluation. He uses PRP to treat many conditions and injuries, including:

  • Chronic tendon injuries like tennis elbow
  • Acute ligament injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Arthritis


At Sports Health Northwest, Inc, Dr. Westerdahl uses PRP to treat many areas of the body, including the knees, shoulders, hips, feet, ankles, hands, and wrists.

If you have a sports injury or chronic joint pain, schedule a consultation at Sports Health Northwest, Inc to see if PRP can help you. 

What happens during PRP treatment?

Dr. Westerdahl customizes your PRP treatment plan to meet your specific needs. First, he takes a sample of blood to create your PRP.  

Sports Health Northwest, Inc uses advanced systems to create PRP, allowing Dr. Westerdahl to concentrate platelets, white blood cells, and growth factors more precisely, and design a PRP injection specific to your injury and healing needs.

Once your PRP is ready, Dr. Westerdahl injects the healing properties directly into your diseased or injured tissue. He uses ultrasound-guided imaging to ensure accurate placement of the PRP. 

You may notice an increase in swelling and redness at the site of your injection, but these side effects are part of the healing process. Though you may want to take it easy after your PRP injections, there’s downtime needed. 

When can I expect results from PRP?

It can take several weeks for the PRP to repair and heal your injury. However, you may start to experience improvements in your pain within a few days after your procedure. 

Dr. Westerdahl schedules regular follow-ups after your PRP injections to monitor healing and provide additional injections as needed. 

To schedule your PRP consultation, call Sports Health Northwest, Inc, or book an appointment online today.