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Is a common contributing cause of neck and low back pain that can present in individuals in their 30s and up. Usually, for most individuals this type of pain improves with a variety of nonsurgical treatments and within days to weeks.



When pain radiates from the low back down the leg or from the neck down the arm and is worse with movement of the low back or head/neck area, that pain is commonly related to nerve irritation. The sciatic nerve is about the diameter of a pencil and travels down the leg from the low back and can cause tingling, numbness, or even severe pain at times.


Herniated Disc

Between the vertebra of the spine are cushioning discs. These discs are like a jelly filled donut. If the jelly that normally is in the center, herniates out of the disc, it can irritate or compress surrounding nerves and cause pain like sciatica type pain that radiates to the arm or leg.



These injuries can occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents such as whiplash. Sometimes weight training or other sports activities can also result in sprain or strain type injuries of the neck and low back.



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