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Calcific Tendonitis


Calcific Tendonitis

A form of tendonitis causing shoulder pain arises when a calcium deposit develops in one or more of the rotator cuff tendons. This problem can be severely painful with even the slightest shoulder movement. At Sports Health Northwest, we are able to accurately diagnose this problem and provide cutting edge interventional treatments to help you recover from this painful condition.

Calcific tendonitis/tendinopathy

Though we do not know exactly what causes calcific tendinopathy of the shoulder, we do know it can be excruciatingly painful resulting in a visit to the emergency room or urgent care.  Most experts concur that it is not caused by trauma or overuse. Since these calcifications can occur on both shoulders, it is thought that there may be a genetic predisposition to this condition. 

Calcific tendinopathy occurs when calcium deposits form in the rotator cuff tendons. These cause inflammation and pressure in the tendon causing pain. Most individuals with shoulder pain from these calcium deposits will find relief within a days to weeks with non-surgical “conservative” treatment.

At Sports Health Northwest, our sports medicine specialist focuses on obtaining a thorough history and exam as these are important for evaluating patients with shoulder pain due to calcific tendinosis. Additionally, our sports clinic routinely utilizes shoulder imaging with x-ray and musculoskeletal ultrasound to diagnose and treat calcific tendinopathy

While many cases of calcific tendinopathy go away on their own, some need procedural interventions for relief. At Sports Health Northwest, we are able to provide our Portland area patients with the most effective and minimally invasive treatment options available for this condition.


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