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Hand And Wrist



Sprains And Strains

The fingers can be vulnerable to sprain type injuries in a variety of sports like basketball, volleyball, and skiing. Commonly stiffness, swelling, weakness, and pain result. It can take weeks to recover motion and even longer sometimes for swelling to resolve.



Using our hand reflexively to brace for a fall or if fingers get pinched or smashed can result in a broken bone of the wrist or hand area. These can be painful and result in prolonged stiffness and even permanent deformity if they are displaced or don’t heal well. 



Between work and fun, our hands get used repeatedly throughout the day. The muscle tendons of the hand and wrist can be vulnerable to overuse injuries and even sudden injury from overloading. Signs of tendonitis can include swelling, tenderness, pain with specific movements



Can cause swelling and stiffness in joints of the hand such as those near the fingertips or at the base of the thumb. At times, arthritis pain can restrict motion and even cause weakness of the hand grip strength.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition can cause pain that wakes you up at night with your hand feeling numb or tingling as if it’s asleep. If it continues to progress, sometimes weakness can occur resulting in dropping objects or loss of grip strength.




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