PDX Monthly has named Dr. David Westerdahl one of Portland’s Top Sports Medicine Doctors for 2024

Dr. Westerdahl is proud to be presenting and teaching medical providers on ultrasound guided procedures at the 2024 Musculoskeletal Galaxy Conference in Portland, Oregon

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running woman

Does running cause arthritis

In this blog, we try to answer a common question about running and joint damage by taking a look at results from recent studies
Jun 9th, 2024
hip pain

Be hip to your glutes

Hip pain can have many etiologies and affect individuals of all different ages and abilities. Let's take a look at common causes of hip pain with a focus on the outer hip.
Apr 28th, 2024
pickleball paddle and ball

Pickleball: Having fun and avoiding injury

Pickleball is a rapidly growing sport played by and enjoyed by people of all ages. With the increased number of people playing it, at our sports injury clinic, we are seeing more injuries linked to this sport.
Feb 23rd, 2024
doctor in white coat

Top Doctor 2024

Portland Monthly selected Dr David Westerdahl is honored to be selected by Portland Monthly to be on the Top Doctors 2024 list for non-operative sports medicine specialists.
Jan 10th, 2024

IV Infusion Therapies

IV (intravenous) fluid therapies are not just for the hospital. They can be an effective recovery tool to support active individuals to help treat dehydration and muscle soreness. Read on in the blog to learn more.
Dec 14th, 2023
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A Pain in the Neck

Neck pain affects one out of every 10 people on any given day. Usually it is self limited. In this blog, we discuss a nonsurgical approach to treating neck pain.
Oct 14th, 2023
low back pain

Exercise for Low Back Pain

Most individuals will experience an episode of low back pain in their lifetime. Exercise is an effective way to treat low back pain and prevent low back pain.
Oct 10th, 2023
dog walking

Preventing Dog-Walking Related Injuries

While walking your dog can be a fun way to exercise and bond with your pet, it can be dangerous as an increasing number of individuals are ending up in the emergency room after taking their dog for a walk. Read on to learn more...
Aug 28th, 2023
road bicyclist

Staying healthy while biking

Biking can be a great way to exercise while enjoying the long summer days. In addition to wearing a helmet, there are other considerations to avoid injury.
Jul 4th, 2023

Don't get caught by a Fishing Injury

Fishing injuries involve more than just getting a hook in your finger. Shoulder and spine injuries are common among anglers. Staying healthy helps you stay on the water
May 22nd, 2023

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones....

While having a strong backbone and a healthy funny bone are important for staying healthy, we need to take care of all our bones. As we age, our bones can weaken. Here are some thoughts for keeping them strong.
Apr 23rd, 2023

No Pain, No Gain?

A recent study shows that adults who regularly exercise have a lower likelihood of experiencing chronic pain.
Mar 24th, 2023

Weight Loss. You can do it!

Weight loss and weight gain can affect our joints positively or negatively. Being overweight has been linked to arthritis in our knees. Just a 5 percent reduction in weight can significantly reduce knee pain.
Dec 6th, 2022

Bursitis, what is it?

There are many bursa in the body that function to allow bones to glide smoothly across the overlying tissues. Sometimes these bursa become inflamed.
Oct 7th, 2022

Hiking for health

Hiking is a great family activity and has tremendous health benefits. Stay healthy hiking and avoid injury
Sep 17th, 2022
A Introductory Guide To PRP Sports Medicine

A Introductory Guide To PRP Sports Medicine

Have you recently suffered a sports injury? Are you considering retiring or getting fed up playing sports while in pain? Maybe you have a lingering knee or shoulder injury that, no matter what you do, will not get better?...
May 21st, 2021
What Is A PRP Injection And How Does It Work?

What Is A PRP Injection And How Does It Work?

Did you know that over 3 million people are injured in car accidents every year in the United States? In sports, over 2 million athletes of all ages and sports suffer injuries every year.
May 7th, 2021
A2M Therapy For Joint Restoration – A Primer

A2M Therapy For Joint Restoration – A Primer

A2M injections are growing in popularity in the fields of sports medicine and other motion therapy fields. Primarily used to help treat arthritis, these injections also help protect against various proteins that lead to non-arthritic joint pain as well...
Apr 16th, 2021
PRP Meniscus: Can PRP Therapy Treat Meniscus Tears?

PRP Meniscus: Can PRP Therapy Treat Meniscus Tears?

Did you know that 10-20% of orthopedic surgeries involve a meniscus tear? It’s the most common knee injury for athletes and non-athletes alike. It’s also one of the most complicated injuries to treat...
Apr 9th, 2021
The Benefits Of Seeing A Sports Medicine Doctor

The Benefits Of Seeing A Sports Medicine Doctor

Do you suffer from an injury that just does not seem to go away? Then you probably need to see a doctor specializing in musculoskeletal injury treatments like a sports medicine doctor...
Mar 19th, 2021
Shoulder Pain: When To See A Shoulder Injury Doctor

Shoulder Pain: When To See A Shoulder Injury Doctor

Are you experiencing shoulder pain while playing sports, or even just trying to carry something light? The shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body and pain can pop out even if you have not suffered an injury...
Feb 26th, 2021
Portland Covid 19 Testing For Travel

Portland Covid 19 Testing For Travel

Are you traveling to Canada, Hawaii, Japan, Europe, or the middle east? Do you need Covid testing before or after travel? If so, Sports Health Northwest can help...
Feb 19th, 2021
Large Group Covid 19 Testing Clinic In Portland Oregon

Large Group Covid 19 Testing Clinic In Portland Oregon

While it’s been difficult to gather in groups for work and play over the past year, we are now more prepared than ever before to begin resuming activities this spring and summer like school, in person classes, labs,..
Feb 11th, 2021
What Is Tenex For Tenotomy?

What Is Tenex For Tenotomy?

Tendon pain has a lot of sources. You may have injured a tendon like your hamstring playing sports or your rotator cuff by lifting a heavy object...
Feb 3rd, 2021

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Ankle Injury Doctor

Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries. Just one step off an uneven surface, an unexpected slip, or a step too close to the curb, and you can become one of the 25,000 people who sprain their ankle every day in the U.S...
Jan 3rd, 2021

Covid-19 And Sports Health

As an active sports medicine specialist, parent of two very active teenagers who play sports year-round, and living in an active community like Portland, Oregon,...
Aug 17th, 2020