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What Is Tenex For Tenotomy?

What Is Tenex For Tenotomy?

Here’s What You Need to Know About Treating Chronic Tendon Pain
Tendon pain has a lot of sources. You may have injured a tendon like your hamstring playing sports or your rotator cuff by lifting a heavy object. Tendon injuries an also occur as the result of an overused muscle connected to the painful tendon tissue or an injury to the tendon itself. Whatever the cause, there is a new treatment that can help that does not require invasive surgery. It’s called Tenex, and it is a percutaneous, minimally invasive treatment that utilizes ultrasonic energy for treating tendon problems. Here’s what you need to know about this method before you choose to ask your sports medicine physician or orthopedist about it.

What Is Tenex Tenotomy Treatment?

Tenex is the name brand for a medical device that utilizes a motorized needle that utilizes ultrasonic energy to cut, debride, and remove damaged tissue. This technology has been shown to carefully remove damaged tendon tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact. The method controls the amount of tissue cut with more precision than a robotic scalpel. It loosens tendons and removes only the amount of tissue your doctor wants to remove.

What Are the Benefits of This Particular Tendon Pain Treatment?

All of this is excellent news for patients that don’t want extensive surgery and incredibly long recovery times. The Tenex system inserts into the damaged tendon that causes pain and targets the tiniest area without having to completely open up and expose all of the tissues surrounding the muscle, bone, etc.. You heal much faster and you can start physical therapy within a couple of weeks of surgery rather than months.

Additionally, the risks of complications and infections are drastically reduced. You only need a small adhesive bandage or butterfly bandage to cover the needle site. Extra bandages are used to provide support to the area and immobilize it until it heals. You can even bathe or shower after a couple of days with no worries, something that is a little trickier to do when a full, open and traditional tenotomy surgery is performed.

Patients who have had the Tenex procedure report a lot less pain too. That means you will not need a lot of pain medication post-procedure. If you can’t take prescription pain medication or you would rather not take such medication, then the Tenex procedure is the ideal thing for your chronic tendon pain treatment.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

This procedure was originally developed to treat conditions like club foot, strabismus of the eyes, tumors of the tendons, and congenital short tendon calcaneus, a condition that causes young children to walk tippy-toe because their Achilles tendons are too short. Patients who have had this procedure done for these conditions quickly recovered and reported that they were able to move easier, place their feet flat and straight, see better, and do it all without pain or a struggle.

If these patients have such excellent results, you can rest assured that your tendonitis pain will be sufficiently resolved. Any tendonitis pain you felt before the procedure disappears within three months of the completed procedure.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

If you have tried literally everything else to alleviate the pain in the tendon or tendons giving you a problem, and nothing has worked, you might be a good candidate for Tenex. You might also be a good candidate if you want to avoid expensive surgery and a long recovery time. Finally, patients who are quite debilitated by the pain in the affected tendons make good candidates because you are seeking a way to restore mobility to your life.

You should otherwise be in reasonably good health. Your doctor will assess you for other possible risks for the procedure, which are are rare and unusual but you should be examined all the same. Various tests, including ultrasound exams and x-rays may be performed to determine that all of the pain is caused by a highly inflamed or scarred tendon, and not a diseased tendon.
Ready to See How Tenex Can Change Your Life?

Living your life free of pain and being able to move without wincing is what our sports medicine clinic in Portland is all about. We want to help you move and be comfortable in moving again. Come see us to get an assessment and see how Tenex can change your life for the better.

If you’re just curious about this procedure, we can still help. We will answer any questions you have about the procedure and recovery time. If you are curious how to pay for the procedure, we take many forms of insurance. We can check with your insurance company to see if Tenex is covered. If it is covered by your insurance, you should schedule a consultation with our clinic right away.

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