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Foot And Ankle



Ankle Sprains

The ankle joint is supported by ligaments on the outside and inner aspect of the ankle. An ankle sprain results in tearing these supporting ligaments which can cause swelling, pain, and ankle instability.


Ankle Fractures

Fractures of the foot and ankle can occur with a fall and even be misdiagnosed as an ankle sprain. Commonly a foot or ankle fracture will be painful enough that you will not want to place weight on the affected area.



Sometimes areas of the foot and ankle can become painful and swollen due to arthritis. The foot and ankle can be sites of age-related arthritis (osteoarthritis), previous traumatic injury, and even a risk associated with certain sports like soccer


Achilles Tendonitis

Sometimes the thick cord like tissue along the posterior ankle called the achilles tendon, will become painful or thickened. This can result in pain along the back of the ankle just above the heel area with standing and walking or other work and sports activity


Achilles Tendon Rupture

Sometimes the achilles tendon that runs along the back of the ankle can rupture due to sudden force from jumping or even a trip/fall type event. Basketball is a sport where this injury commonly happens.  This type of injury benefits from early diagnosis and treatment.


Plantar Fasciitis

Sometimes referred to as heel pain or a “heel spur”, causes pain along the bottom part of the foot when you first get out of bed and put weight on the foot or can cause pain when standing up after sitting. This common problem can be painful for individuals who have to stand for prolonged periods.




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