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American “tackle” football is an incredible game of hard work, teamwork, big plays, and big hits. Because of its contact and collision aspects, injuries can occur. Some common injuries in football include:


  • Dislocated shoulder:  Sometimes a risk for vulnerable wide receivers and defensive backs trying to make a catch or tackle someone
  • Rotator cuff injury:  Bruises or contusions of the rotator cuff are common with tackling or being tackled
  • Separated shoulder:  This injury can affect running backs who get tackled on the side they are also carrying the football on.


  • Elbow dislocation:  Though rare, can occur when being tackled and landed on due to the force across the elbow when the arm hits the ground
  • Elbow tendonitis:  Sometimes occurs due to repeated gripping, blocking, or even throwing the football

Hand and Wrist

  • Sprains and Strains:  Due to the grabbing aspects of football with blocking and tackling, hand and wrist injuries are common
  • Fractures:  falling onto an outstretched hand when being tackled can result in a fracture


  • Groin strain:  Occur in football in linebackers and other positions where tracking the ball and fast side to side movements occur
  • Hip Contusion/pointer:  Commonly occur from a helmet hitting the bony part of the outer hip


  • Hamstring strain:  Sometimes occur due to sudden sprinting movements especially if the muscle is cold or fatigued and mildly dehydrated at the end of a game
  • Quadricep strain:  Happens in football with sudden burst of speed of if trying to break a tackle
  • Thigh contusion:  Happen from a helmet or knee coming in direct contact with the thigh muscles


  • Ligament injuries:  There are four knee ligaments that can be injured in sports like baseball and softball and benefit from early assessment and treatment
  • Patellofemoral Pain:  This is a common cause of knee pain in running sports and teens and benefits from diagnosis and treatment of the underlying contributing factors
  • Meniscal tear:  The shock absorbing meniscus between the bones of the knee can be vulnerable to twisting and shearing force resulting in a tear.
  • Patellar Tendinitis (Jumper’s knee):  This is a common cause of anterior knee pain and can be difficult to treat.  At Sports Health Northwest, we have some effective and minimally invasive treatment options.

Foot and Ankle

  • Ankle sprains:  Are common in baseball due to the speed and running bases on unstable dirt. Sometimes ankle sprains are more serious injuries like fractures or high ankle sprains benefiting from early diagnosis and treatment


  • This injury can occur from a collision with another player and results in a transient alteration in brain function.  We can help with improving your symptoms and safely returning you to the football field.

***If you are suffering from one of these injuries, or any other injury, schedule an appointment with Sports Health Northwest We want to help you get back to sport.


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