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Hip Osteoarthritis



In addition to the knee, the hip is a common site for arthritis and the associated pain and stiffness that occurs. Arthritis type hip pain commonly feels like a pulled muscle along the front of the hip and groin area that just won’t go away. There are many options for treating hip pain and arthritis. At Sports Health Northwest, we are happy to help you understand and effectively treat the cause of your hip pain.


The hip is a major weight bearing joint with significant mobility. It shares a similar bony ball and socket shape with the shoulder. Hip pain is very common in adults. Identifying the location of the hip pain can really help narrow down the diagnostic possibilities. 

Hip arthritis is a common cause of hip pain especially after age 50. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis. The hip pain associated with OA commonly occurs along the groin area or just below the hip joint along the upper thigh. 

Pain associated with hip OA commonly occurs with rising from a chair and with the first few steps when walking. 

Obtaining a thorough history and physical exam performed by a sports medicine specialist can reduce pain and disability associated with hip conditions

Imaging tests like x-rays are an important initial diagnostic test for individuals with hip pain. Ultrasound of the hip is another readily available and cost- effective imaging option especially for evaluating muscles and tendons. At Sports Health Northwest, we commonly utilize ultrasound to evaluate the hip. Other imaging options like CT or MRI are sometimes utilized for hip pain as well.

At Sports Health Northwest, we are interested in educating and helping our Portland area patients with hip OA improve their pain and function.

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