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Gluteus Medius Tendonitis


Gluteus Medius Tendonitis

There is a muscle along the outside of each hip called the gluteus medius. It helps stabilize the hip with activity like walking and jogging. It can become painful making it painful to walk, climb stairs, and even lie on your side at night.

Many physicians refer to this problem as trochanteric bursitis, however, this problem rarely involves the hip bursa. At Sports Health Northwest, we want to join forces with you to treat this problem and help you get better.

Hip tendonitis/tendinopathy

There are many muscles and tendons surrounding the hip area. Historically, we commonly referred to muscular hip pain as tendonitis. However, we’ve been able in recent years to more accurately describe this as an overloading, overuse, and even degenerative condition. 

Increased recreational sports activity especially among middle-aged adults. Additionally, risk factors for tendinopathy include muscle stiffness, rapid increases in volume of training/tendon loading, and increasing age. Adults over 35 years old are at increased risk for this condition.

A careful history and physical exam by a sports medicine doctor can help confirm the diagnosis and help guide you with specific treatment options on your way to recovery. Diagnostic imaging with musculoskeletal ultrasound can be helpful for evaluating tendinopathy and associated tendon thickening or even tearing.

Even though tendinopathies can be difficult to treat and take time to recover, at Sports Health Northwest, we know how important it is for our Portland area patients to be active with their preferred sports activities during certain seasons, and we want to help you achieve your goals. 

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