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Muscle Strain

Leg muscle strains (tears) can occur with sudden movements like jumping or a sudden sprint. Sometimes these injuries involve the adductor (groin) muscles, quadricep (thigh) muscles, hamstring muscles, and calf muscles.


Thigh Contusion

This injury usually results from a direct blow to the quadricep muscle such as a knee to the thigh in soccer or a helmet to the thigh in tackle football. These injuries can be severe at times and benefit from early diagnosis and treatment


Shin Splints

This is a common injury in runners that affects the lower leg (tibia). This type of injury commonly results from a sudden increase in running activity, and it can be exacerbated by poor running form.


Exertional Compartment Syndrome

This is a type of pain commonly affecting the lower leg in running athletes.  This can cause swelling and pain along the front and outer aspect of the lower leg with activity.  



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