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Hip Fractures


Hip Fractures

This injury usually results from a fall. The risk of this type of a fracture (broken bone) increases as we age. Some hip fractures are effectively treated without surgery. If you have hip pain after a fall, please schedule an appointment as we want to help you recover and can help you determine if the pain is due to a fracture or something else like a muscle strain or deep bruise.

Hip fractures (broken bone)

As the “baby boomer” population ages, we are seeing an increase in the number of hip fractures. Older patients are at greater risk of falls due to decreased balance, muscle weakness, and difficulty maneuvering around obstacles. When falls occur, weak bones can increase the risk of a fracture. Hip fractures are very serious as many require hospitalization and surgery

In order to prevent falls, it is important to exercise regularly including muscle strengthening and balance exercises. Additionally, it is important to talk with your primary care physician about the role your medications may have in increasing the risk of falls and how to best optimize your bone health

If you have experienced a fall and have pain in the hip area, are unable to walk, or notice swelling and bruising, you could have a hip fracture. It is important to be seen urgently in order to have x-rays performed as some hip fractures need surgery. 

If it is determined that your fracture does not need surgery and can be managed outside of the hospital, we are happy to care for you at Sports Health Northwest where we will work with other caregivers to help you recover and reduce your risk of additional injury.

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