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The Pacific northwest is a wonderful place to bike. Whether is commuting to work, getting the perfect bunny hop, finishing your first century, or racing downhill, cycling offers a sense of freedom and exhilaration. Did I mention it’s a great low impact form of aerobic exercise. At Sports Health Northwest, we want to help you stay healthy on the bike. Below is a list of some common cycling injuries.


  • Dislocated shoulder:  Unfortunately falls off a bike are common injuries in cyclists and can result in shoulder injuries due to falls onto the shoulder or outstretched arm
  • Clavicle fracture:  The clavicle or collar bone as it is sometimes called is a common bone to injury cycling especially if you go over the handle bars in an accident.  These are treatable nonsurgically for many and benefit from early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Shoulder separation:  Another painful injury that can occur in a bike accident and result in a bony bump on top of the shoulder.  


  • Hamstring strain:  The hamstring tendon can be injured in cycling due to the repeated force of the hamstring during the pull of the pedal stroke.  Sometimes this occurs due to improper bike fit.  This form of tendinopathy or tendonitis can be painful behind the knee or higher up in the gluteal area
  • Hip contusion:  This injury commonly occurs when you stop the bike and fall to the side possibly from not unclipping your pedals fast enough.


  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFS):  A common cause of anterior knee pain due to improper bike fit
  • IT band syndrome: This occurs due to a tight IT band and also due to imbalances in strength and flexibility of the thigh area

Foot and ankle

  • Achilles tendonitis:  Pain along the back of the ankle due to tight calf muscles and bike fit can also play a role in pain along this area

***If you are suffering from one of these injuries, or any other injury, schedule an appointment with Sports Health Northwest We want to help you get back to sport.


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