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Knee Arthritis



We understand that no one wants to hear “You have arthritis”. Unfortunately, arthritis is a common cause of knee pain and stiffness due to degeneration of the articular cartilage that lines the bones, and is a growing problem as our population ages. The good news is that there are many non-surgical and interventional options for treating knee arthritis, and it’s possible to stay active and enjoy life even with knee arthritis. We are interested in helping you reduce pain and maximize enjoyment in your activities.


The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis (OA). It is commonly described as mild, moderate, or severe. OA is known to cause symptoms of joint pain, stiffness, reduced ability to be active. Just about any joint can be affected by arthritis.

Common symptoms of OA include aching pain, tenderness over bones or along joint lines, bony swelling, instability, and reduced joint motion. A sports medicine specialist can help determine if your knee pain is due to OA and help provide treatment options tailored to your specific goals.

In fact, exercise and weight loss are very effective at treating arthritis associated pain and stiffness. Whether the OA is mild, moderate, or severe, at Sports Health Northwest in Portland, our sports medicine doctor wants to help you stay active and manage the pain and stiffness associated with OA while avoiding surgery. Our sports medicine clinic offers a variety of non-surgical OA treatment options.

We have same day appointments available and are interested in helping you reduce pain and maximize enjoyment in your activities.

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