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IV Therapy

David N Westerdahl, MD -  - Sports Medicine Physician

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Intravenous (IV) fluid therapy is not just for hospitalized patients.  IV infusions of electrolytes, vitamins, and/or medication can aid in sports recovery, treating dehydration, improving energy, aiding muscle repair, providing headache and migraine relief, hangover relief, and help support diet and exercise in aiding weight loss.

Intravenous therapies

At Sports Health Northwest, we offer a variety of sports, weight loss, and health related services for our patients. One area of sports medicine that benefits our athletes and weight loss patients, as well as many other individuals, is having access to intravenous (IV) therapies, also known as iv infusions.  These types of infusions can aid in sports recovery, dehydration, improving energy, aiding muscle repair, headache and migraine relief, hangovers, and weight loss.

IV fluids are not just for people who are in a hospital.  In my 20 years of sports medicine practice, I’ve treated many college and professional athletes, with IV fluids to aid in recovery after exhausting games and workouts to help them recover for another intense playoff game.  I’ve used IV fluids to to treat painful muscle cramps resulting from dehydration.  Also, I’ve seen iv therapies help professional athletes with gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses with nausea and vomiting that left them dehydrated and hardly able to move make an incredible recovery after an IV that allowed them to be able to play and help their team perform better. 

IV therapies can also help other medical conditions including painful conditions like headaches.  Sometimes being dehydrated can trigger a migraine headache.  Being dehydrated can also increase your risk of heat illness and heat exhaustion. IV fluids can be combined with IV medications like nsaids to help treat headaches.  IV fluids can also be used to help promote a more relaxed state of mind and muscles and reduce feelings of anxiety. 

IV fluid therapies are a safe and effective option for directly delivering fluids, electrolytes, as well as other vitamins and medications directly to the bloodstream.

An IV therapy treatment can be performed in a relaxed private environment in our medical office. After our sports medicine doctor or nurse practitioner review your medical history, and discuss the IV procedure, the IV fluid therapy is relatively pain-free. It involves a small needlestick, and then the individual can relax while the IV fluids run in.  If your veins are small or hard to see, it’s not a problem as we can use ultrasound guidance for your comfort and accuracy. 

If you have additional questions about scheduling an IV fluid visit or are interested in scheduling an appointment, call our office at 503-747-6376.