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The Benefits Of Seeing A Sports Medicine Doctor

The Benefits Of Seeing A Sports Medicine Doctor

Do you suffer from an injury that just does not seem to go away? Then you probably need to see a doctor specializing in musculoskeletal injury treatments like a sports medicine doctor.

Doctors are not just for top athletes. There are many reasons to see a sports medicine doctor. These doctors have specialized training to treat injuries that result from any kind of exertion. They are specialized in musculoskeletal issues and finding ways to prevent, treat and manage them.

These doctors can benefit all people who are active or who may have suffered one-off injuries, like in a car accident or a work environment.

Their main purpose is in restoring body movement in the injured area with less pain. So, if you’re in the Portland, here are 4 major benefits of going to see a sports medicine doctor in your area.

1. Sport Injuries 

Sports doctors can treat injuries using both surgical and non-surgical methods. If you’ve torn your ACL, this may require surgery and physical therapy. A sports doctor can help you with both or just manage the entire process, referring you to specialists as needed.

In some cases, injuries may require non-surgical measures. In these situations, the doctor will recommend certain exercise regimens, perform joint mobilization techniques and potentially perform minimally invasive injection therapy on the joint as needed.

2. Injury and Pain Treatment 

Injuries often come with chronic pain that can last weeks or months after the fact. Sports doctors specialize in pain management which do not require surgery. These treatments end up being highly personalized. The doctor will find the best blend of treatments for your injury, which could include steroid injections, joint injections, trigger point injections, or supplements, just to name a few.

Injection therapy falls in the realm of precision sports medicine and regenerative therapies.

3. Rehabilitation

After you’ve received treatment, you often need to undergo rehabilitation to build your strength and muscle. A sports doctor creates a customized rehabilitation program to ensure fast effective recovery. Their goal is to help you build that strength and flexibility much faster, so you can get back into the game sooner.

4. Performance Enhancement

A sports doctor is not only involved after injuries but also beforehand. They help people reach their maximum potential in the areas of sports and exercise. This is done using performance enhancement training and best practice advise on the prevention of injuries.

Many people who exercise regularly may partake in programs to strengthen the right muscles in-order to minimize muscle imbalances and potential injury. By avoiding injuries, you are more likely to play the sports you love for a longer period of time.

Make an Appointment with a Sports Medicine Doctor

A sports medicine doctor helps with various injury conditions associated with movement injuries, from pain management to enhancing your athletic abilities.

Sports Health Northwest, located at 12672 NW Barnes Rd, Suite 100, is Portland’s premier sports medicine practice. They offer various treatments for the whole body, including neck, back, joints, elbow, and more. They can not only address sports related injuries but also help with automotive and work injuries. They work with most insurance plans.

Schedule an appointment for an injury assessment today!

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