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Portland Covid 19 Testing For Travel

Portland Covid 19 Testing For Travel

Do you have important personal or business travel plans? Are you traveling to Canada, Hawaii, Japan, Europe, or the middle east? Do you need Covid testing before or after travel? If so, Sports Health Northwest can help. Many countries have specific testing requirements before entry and it’s important to understand each country’s requirements, including the type of test, i.e.: rapid antigen or RT-PCR, and time frames that are accepted. Some countries require testing within 72 hours, others 96 hours. Additionally, some countries have specific forms to complete that must be signed by a physician. Whether you are traveling for business or personal reasons, we know traveling can be stressful. We want to help you with this aspect of your travel planning so you can stress less and focus on the important aspects of your trip.

At Sports Health Northwest, we offer both rapid antigen immunoassay testing with results in less than 30 minutes, and reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with overnight results. These Covid-19 tests are FDA approved for emergency use authorization (EUA). Many European countries like the United Kingdom (UK) accept the rapid antigen test. Other countries like Canada, Japan, Africa, India, and Pakistan require RT-PCR. Wherever your planned travel takes you, we can assist you with timing your test, completing the unique travel requirements for your destination, and providing exceptional customer service.

Our medical team is committed to helping you with the testing process. We will work with your timeline for testing and travel to accommodate your testing needs within the specific window of time to allow you to obtain results that meet the requirements for your country of travel. Our testing process involves a virtual visit with our physician to review your medical history, discuss the testing process, answer your questions, and initiate the required medical documentation and testing orders.

We then coordinate with you to make sure the actual order and Covid-19 test is scheduled during your required travel period. We also work hard to ensure that you receive your result and documentation prior to travel so you can rest easy knowing that this stressor has been addressed. Additionally, we test adults and children for travel related purposes.

Recently, we had a request from an elderly patient in Portland, Oregon who needed to travel to Japan to visit an ill family member. She needed a test right away as her planned travel was coming up within 3 days. We were able to schedule her for a virtual visit with the physician, test the same day, obtain the results 24 hours prior to her travel, complete her travel form, and meet the Japan travel requirements.

Another example is a traveler called from Canada as she needed to visit a family member and help them recover from surgery here in the Portland, Oregon area. Since Canada requires the RT-PCR test and the patient was planning to drive across the border to come to Portland, she wanted to make sure she could get the RT-PCR test on a specific date to allow her to return to Canada. We were able to work with the Canadian citizen to help her with planning her travel to and from Oregon and Canada and providing testing to meet her travel timing.

Many individuals have a variety of travel needs. Another recent request was for a father who needed to travel to Denmark to see his kids who have dual citizenship there and in the United States of America. His kids are attending school there during the pandemic. His flight was scheduled to depart in 24 hours, and he needed a rapid test. Denmark accepts Covid-19 antigen tests, so we were able to provide a rapid Covid-19 antigen test for him so he could continue with his scheduled travel to visit his kids.

As the Covid-19 virus and response continues to evolve, so will Sports Health Northwest. We are committed to working hard to help our Portland area community work and play safely by offering testing and support for your travel needs.

Please call us if you have important travel needs as we are happy to help.

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