PDX Monthly has named Dr. David Westerdahl one of Portland’s Top Sports Medicine Doctors for 2024

Dr. Westerdahl is proud to be presenting and teaching medical providers on ultrasound guided procedures at the 2024 Musculoskeletal Galaxy Conference in Portland, Oregon

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Top Doctor 2024

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At Sports Health Northwest in Portland Oregon, we are proud to announce that our sports medicine specialist, Dr. David Westerdahl, was selected to be included in the Portland monthly 20th annual list of the metro areas top medical providers as chosen by their peers.

Portland Monthly selected doctors for the list by partnering with a survey company to poll health care practitioners licensed by the Oregon Medical Board (OMB) in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties, asking, “If you or a loved one needed care, whom would you choose?”

Voters may nominate their most esteemed peers based on years of experience, competency, rapport with patients, patient satisfaction and compliance with care recommendations, and ability to work effectively with colleagues across specialties to deliver the best patient care.

The top vote recipients are vetted with the OMB and other state boards to ensure good standing before inclusion on the list, and names are published in the Winter 2023/2024 issue of Portland Monthly.


This distinction honors physicians like Dr. Westerdahl for their expertise, leadership, and professionalism in healthcare. Dr. Westerdahl’s dedication, humility, hard work, and leadership at his practice at Sports Health Northwest has contributed to his selection for this award. During the selection process, it was noted that along with his extraordinary reputation, he also has consistently maintained a positive peer rating throughout the years. Dr. Westerdahl prides himself on transparency and integrity. He is the kind of professional admired by colleagues and peers alike. His kindness and willingness to help others, investigate their concerns, and find solutions to their questions is both noble and highly respected. Dr Westerdahl graduated from Loma Linda University where the motto is to “make man whole”.  He has strived throughout his career to live that purpose in his medical practice.  He tries to treat each patient as an individual and build a healthy healthcare relationship.  He understands that healthcare communication is important to accurately diagnosing and treating each patient.  He prioritizes listening to his patients and trying to understand how their injury is affecting them at home, work, and sports activities.  He realizes that everyone has unique injuries and ways that their injury affects their activity and quality of life.


Everyone has different goals and ways that they approach injury and recovery.   Many individuals are uncertain of what to expect for recovery and benefit from reassurance that there are various treatment options to help them have less pain and improve their ability to resume activities they enjoy.  Dr. Westerdahl feels that one of the benefits of being in independent practice is the ability to provide care for his patients that is not influenced or limited by his employer or resources unique to any one hospital or system.  Dr Westerdahl has the freedom to offer his patients the best care available.  He knows that his support staff play a vital role in the care of patients and success of the practice, and they deserve a great deal of gratitude because without their hard work, patience, and communication skills, Sports Health Northwest would not be able to provide the quality care our patients deserve.  At Sports Health Northwest, our purpose and daily motivation is to make a significant difference in the lives of our patients.


Dr. Westerdahl much appreciates the other medical providers in the Portland area who nominated him for the award. This is especially meaningful as Dr. Westerdahl works in his own medical practice. Since he is not part of a larger medical group with coworkers who are familiar with his practice, being honored by PortlandMonthly makes the award even more special. 


If you have a musculoskeletal injury and need personalized, thoughtful, and excellent medical care, reach out to us and schedule your appointment today!




Dr Westerdahl David Westerdahl MD FAAFP RMSK Sports Medicine Physician and owner Sports Health Northwest, Inc.

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