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Shoulder Pain: When To See A Shoulder Injury Doctor

Shoulder Pain: When To See A Shoulder Injury Doctor

Are you experiencing shoulder pain while playing sports, or even just trying to carry something light? The shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body and pain can pop out even if you have not suffered an injury. It’s important to recognize when the pain is temporary, or whether it’s indicative of a more serious issue.

Keep reading to find out when it’s time to see a shoulder injury doctor.

Constant Pain or Every Activity is Painful

Are you struggling with constant shoulder pain? Or maybe you’re finding that daily tasks cause pain. This indicates tissue irritation or damage. An inflamed shoulder, which may hurt when resting or even sleeping, points to tears of the tissue or early-onset arthritis.

If you have consistent pain that lasts for a few days, it’s time to seek out the best doctor for a shoulder injury. If you seek help early, rotator cuff tears and arthritis can be prevented. Persistent pain requires a full physical examination, X-rays, and sometimes an MRI to identify the cause of pain.

Treatments such as hyaluronic acid injections and platelet-rich plasma injections can work to prevent arthritis and permanent injury. It’s important to visit a doctor early on to tackle shoulder issues.

Pain with Affected Breathing or Prominent Bump/Swelling

Close to 50% of shoulder injuries in athletes, especially in contact sports, are AC (acromioclavicular joints) injuries. Otherwise known as ‘shoulder separations.’ The severity of the separation, rated grade 1 to 6, indicates the treatment needed. Many people will find that with a grade 1 or 2 separation, it heals by itself.

Recognize if you have persistent pain and restricted use of your shoulder along with other symptoms. These may include an obvious bump or swelling over the joint. Or pain associated with affected breathing, coughing, and sneezing. If so, it could indicate a more serious injury.

In this case, you need to see a shoulder injury doctor to sling your arm and advise on physical rehabilitation exercises.

Best Doctor for Shoulder Injury

As an active individual, the best option is to find a shoulder sports injury specialist to diagnose and treat your shoulder pain. You may be suffering from rotator cuff tears, a frozen shoulder, or calcific tendonitis among other things.

A shoulder sports injury doctor will be able to identify the cause, as well as the type of movement that aggravates or worsens the injury. In addition, you can be advised on non-surgical treatments. These can greatly accelerate the healing process of a shoulder injury and provide relief from pain.

A sports medicine doctor can provide ultrasound-guided calcific tendonitis lavage or bone marrow aspirate, for example. Your GP or physiotherapist will not have these sorts of treatments available and will most likely refer you to a sports injury specialist.

Find a Shoulder Injury Doctor in Portland, Oregon

While it’s normal for athletes to experience shoulder discomfort and pain after certain vigorous exercise, it’s important to recognize when to see a shoulder injury doctor.

If you’re wondering what doctor to see for a shoulder injury, we at Sports Health Northwest have shoulder sports injury specialists that can assist with the treatment for all shoulder injuries ranging from tendonitis to labral tears. Contact us today to finally fix that shoulder pain and get back in the game!

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