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When Is It Time To See A Doctor For Hip Pain?

Hip Pain

Hip pain is one of the most common joint problems experienced by adults in the United States. Often the cause of hip pain is aging and the onset of osteoarthritis.

However, if you are under the age of 65, active, and experiencing pain or stiffness in your hips, it could be a sports-related injury. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms you might be experiencing, and when you should be seeking medical advice from your hip injury doctor.

The Hip is Stiff

The hip is a large joint with a considerable area of rotation. If you find it difficult to move your hip and leg in any direction as the joint is too stiff, you need to seek medical help.

You may feel stiff after playing sports, and this can be completely natural. But, if the stiffness does not abate after 24-48hrs, you have done damage to the cartilage. It is best to seek advice from a sports injury doctor who can further investigate the damage and advise of a course of treatments including a course of injections that will target the hip injury itself.

Pain Stops Play

Pain is not normal. In fact, it is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. Some people try to convince themselves that a little pain is perfectly normal and can be ignored. Don’t be fooled.

With a joint as important as the hip, you need to listen to your body and rest up from playing sports if you are experiencing any kind of hip pain. Speak with a sports injury specialist to review what may have caused the injury. You may notice the pain more in the evening or at night. If the pain is so bad that it is waking you up or interfering with your sleep patterns, then it is time to get urgent help.

Your Hip Joint Clicks

Sometimes joints make a clicking sound when air is being released. It can be quite normal. But if your hip is constantly clicking or feeling like it is catching as you walk, bend or twist, then something is wrong.

Any odd noises coming from the joint could be a sign of bone rubbing against bone. This can cause terrible wear and tear to the joint and possible lifelong nerve damage. So, seek medical advice right away. There are many ways to treat hip joint dysfunction and pain. Physical therapy regiments maybe the first obvious options to try. However, if that does not work, before considering surgery, you may want to look at less invasive non-surgical options like range of injection-based

There are less invasive alternatives to surgery If Physical therapy rehab exercises do not work in resolving the issues. There is a range of injection-based treatments you can undergo to help resolve the problem. Each course of injections is specialized to your specific need and injury.

Your Hip Area is Swollen

Swelling is often a sign of infection but could indicate other issues. If you have just noticed the swelling, then you should apply ice immediately.

Observable swelling could also indicate that the cartilage between your hip and leg bones is wearing out. This will be accompanied by pain and discomfort when moving the joint. You need to seek assistance from a medical professional as soon as possible to prevent the complete loss of cartilage in the area.

Seek Help From A Hip Injury Doctor

Do not waste time waiting when your hip health is at risk. Any permanent damage to such a major joint in the body could lead to many years of discomfort and lack of mobility later in life.

Seek help from a hip injury doctor sooner rather than later.

If you are looking for the best hip injury doctor or sports medicine in Portland, please head over to our sports injuries page to see how we can help you.

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